Love in Siena: Ali & Safi

July, 2022

Sometimes, you have to get over your social anxiety and ask a random couple in Italy to model for you. I mean, with such a stunning backdrop, how can you resist? That's the brief story, anyway, of how this magical couple session came to be. While I was solo-traveling through Europe this past summer, I was taking a break from my photography business and focusing on my travels. Of course, I bring my camera everywhere when I travel... but I wasn't doing any real photoshoots, just photographing the beautiful world around me. But as an engagement photographer, sometimes you just wish you could airdrop a couple into the scene in front of you. Thankfully, I spotted a sweet couple as I was exploring this convent in Siena, Italy and asked them if I could take some photos of them. Ali and Safi were so kind, spoke English, and said yes. It has always been my dream to be a traveling photographer and get paid to photograph people and couples around the world. It truly felt like this was a taste of just that... and it tastes amazing.