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My Philosophy

My name is Marie.

This is why & how I do what I do:

I find so much beauty in what makes us human and capturing the moments of life that give it meaning. 

I strive to capture the authentic and in-between moments and stories of light, life, and love.

I believe in telling love stories, whether that's love for yourself, life, or whoever you love.

Let's become friends and tell your love story!

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My Story

I've always been artistic. To me, art has always been a way to express myself and a way to contribute to the world & the people around me. I loved visual art, dance, and music growing up, and I always felt like it was more of a calling than simply a pasttime. It meant more to me than what it showed on the surface. I also tend to pay attention to the way light interacts with the world around us. Photography lets me capture that light in artworks that will last more than a lifetime.

Growing up, I would borrow my parents' small digital camera, and eventually I had my own that my sister and I would use to take turns photographing flowers on family trips. (My grandfather was a photographer as well, so I guess it runs in the family!) I started taking pictures everywhere I went and would do photoshoots with my friends in middle/high school with my first "real" (point-and-shoot) camera. Once I got my first Nikon, I was able to work towards eventually turning my work into a business. I took my peers' senior photos at the end of high school, along with a few events here and there.

I took college (and COVID) as a time to really improve my craft and find my style, on top of redefining my brand & building my business. And here we are! Now I am a published professional photographer and creative who has created photos and memories around the world. I am so thankful to my family, friends, and lovely clients for their support of me and my passion. <3

"Marie is literally a ray of sunshine, she was fun to work with and captured all the right angles professionally and what fit me as a model, she can do it all, and she’s very flexible, would love to work with her talents again!"

Cat B.