1.5 Days in Los Angeles

April 24-25, 2022

As part of my first ever solo trip to the West Coast of the US, I decided to visit Los Angeles on my way from Seattle to San Diego. I initially wanted to drive the whole trip, starting in Washington, driving down the coastal highway, and stopping in all the beautiful towns/cities in Oregon and California along the way. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time or a reliable car to do so... so I flew from Seattle to LA on Monday, and left for San Diego on Monday afternoon.

Jens is one of my friends from college, and he made a wonderful host and tour guide for the very short visit in LA. After picking me up from the airport, we drove to his lovely little apartment, grabbed lunch, and went to Griffith Observatory. Up there you can see all of LA - the city, the Hollywood sign, and the mountains surrounding everything. Then we met up with Jens's roommates to go to the famous Santa Monica Pier, right on the ocean. It was so magical seeing the sunset over the ocean, with the lights of the pier and the city twinkling and becoming more and more prominent. At dinner on Third Street Promenade we event stumbled across some Latin Dance, which I was so excited to join in on. I am so looking forward to going back to LA to visit Jens again and spend more time exploring the city and all of its hidden gems.