Capturing a Vibe: Creating the coffee shop portraits of my dreams

January 30, 2022

I've always loved the aesthetics and atmosphere of coffee shops... even though I don't drink coffee! There is something so cozy, artsy, and welcoming about them. It's like a mix of feeling at home, yet in a creative and shared space. New people and ideas walking in and out the door while barristas craft their warm and foamy masterpieces. Some of my favorite gems everywhere I live or travel are the little cafes and coffee shops.

As an artist, I have wanted to capture that atmosphere and aesthetic, but it's hard to recreate the feeling of a physical place and its impact on an individual person in a 2D format. That's where photography comes in! I got the chance to create this work with my friend and local model Cat Blassie at The Annex STL, a local coffee shop in St. Louis.

Model: Cat Blassie