Breo: Headlight Creative Shoot

March 27, 2022

The best way I can sum up this photoshoot is in the magic of Pinterest and collaboration. Aside from my usual hired photo sessions like photographing couples, weddings, and portraits, something I love to do is collaborate with local models and branch out into more creative, editorial-style photoshoots. Breo is a beautifully talented model (and the coolest person, btw) based in St. Louis. I've worked with her a few times, and each session we do together is so magical and unique.

Another thing that is so crucial to do as a photographer and artist is to immerse yourself in work that inspires you. If Instagram or TikTok doesn't do it for you, then I would highly recommend using Pinterest which is filled with amazing images you can use as inspiration. I created a mood board for this concept of a moody/atmospheric shoot using car headlights and fog. Of course, the more aesthetic car choice would have been a truck, but thankfully my Prius did a good enough job!

Pushing yourself and doing something new is also so important as an artist. If you don't, you might never understand your true potential. I never shoot at nighttime, so this was definitely a challenge for me to expand my experience with shooting in different lighting. It still turned out so dreamy, and Breo elevated the photos into something I had only dreamed of creating.

Model: Breo Jackson